Windows Azure Platform AppFabric is a key component of the Windows Azure™ Services Platform that offers a set of Microsoft-hosted, highly scalable, developer-oriented services that provide key building blocks required by many cloud-based and cloud-aware applications. Much like the .NET Framework provides higher-level class libraries that make developers more productive, AppFabric enables developers to focus on their application logic rather than building and deploying their own cloud-based infrastructure services.    
  As part of Microsoft's commitment to interoperability, AppFabric offers interoperability by design through industry standards, web protocols such as REST and by providing community based libraries that make it easier to use the services.    
The purpose of this project is to provide:
  1. An open source AppFabric SDK for Java™ Developers
  2. SDK Documentation
  3. A Sample Application
  4. Unit Tests using JUnit Framework
  5. Prescriptive patterns and guidance
  Java developers will be able to leverage the AppFabric to extend their applications by using the Microsoft cloud services platform to build, deploy and manage reliable, internet-scale applications.    

  High Level Architecture
  High Level Architecture  
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